Miracles can happen if we set our fears, our doubts, and our limited understanding and follow Him in faith.

This lesson was one of my favorites!  I love to learn about these miracles, and the story of Jesus walking on water and Peter leaving the boat to go to Him is probably my favorite. There were several videos that I enjoyed while studying this lesson that I want to share as well as a few other articles and talks

Teaching with The Chosen
John Hilton III has created a list of videos that go with the Come Follow Me lessons, and they have been perfectly cut to tell the stories that we're studying! These are the three for this week's lesson. 

Sometimes Jesus comes in the Fourth Watch
If you're a subscriber to my email, you'll know that this concept was really important to me this week. Michael Wilcox has written a book about this idea called When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered. There was also an article in LDS Living that he wrote on the subject. You can find that full article here: 

The Fourth Watch: How the Story of Christ Walking on Water Applies Beautifully in Our Lives
Commentary on Bible Hub
One of the resources I have found myself turning to more and more is Bible Hub. There was some excellent commentary explaining the fourth watch:

Matthew 14:25 . And in the fourth watch of the night — The Jews, as well as the Romans, usually divided the night into four watches of three hours each. The first watch began at six, the second at nine, the third at twelve, the fourth at three. During these many tedious and distressing hours of storm and tempest, of darkness and danger, Jesus saw his disciples, though they saw not him: he beheld their perplexity and fear, while they were conflicting with the winds and waves, and observed how they toiled in rowing: Mark 6:48; yet he delayed all this time to go to their relief; seeing it proper so long to try their faith and patience. But in the fourth watch — When, it is probable, as the storm was not at all abated, they had begun to despair of deliverance; Jesus went unto them, walking on the water — agitated, stormy, and tumultuous as its billows were. Thus God often lengthens out the troubles of his people, and defers the time of their deliverance. But when things are come to an extremity, and they are ready to think he hath forgotten them, he unexpectedly appears for their relief and rescue; of a sudden the storm becomes a calm, and they are happily brought into a safe port. Thus, in the morning watch he appeared for Israel in the Red sea, troubled and dismayed their pursuing enemies, and delivered his people: and in all ages the extremity of his church has been his opportunity to visit and appear for her. He that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps, but has constantly his eye upon them, and, when there is need, walks in darkness for their succour, support, and comfort. What a wonderful proof have we here of Christ’s sovereign power over the creatures, which are all under his feet, and at his command, forgetting their natures, and changing their most essential qualities at his word! “To walk on the sea was thought so impracticable, that the picture of two feet walking on the sea, was an Egyptian hieroglyphic for an impossible thing. And in the Scripture it is mentioned, as the prerogative of God, that he alone treadeth on the waves of the sea, Job 9:8.” 

Multiply and Magnify
As usual, I really enjoyed this video by Come Follow Me Line Upon Line as well: