Every time we feel the Savior's strengthening power we can testify of what happened in Gethsemane.

As we enter into the study of the most important event in history, the feelings I had as I read the scriptures, studied the talks and watched some of the videos I shared below were very special to me and the message was very timely. I love that the lessons are broken down the way they are so I can concentrate on the individual events for an entire week.
The Atonement of Jesus Christ
There is an article taken from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism by Jeffrey R. Holland called "The Atonement of Jesus Christ" that is excellent and covers all areas of Christ's Atonement from the preexistence when the plan was created through the events in the New Testament. I thought it was a great resource that goes with several of these lessons we're studying right now. 

Here are a few of the highlights I kept:

For Latter-day Saints, it is crucially important to see the agreed-upon and understood fall of man only in the context of the equally agreed-upon and understood redemption of man—redemption provided through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

The universal, infinite, and unconditional aspects of the Atonement of Jesus Christ are several. They include his ransom for Adam’s original transgression so that no member of the human family is held responsible for that sin. Another universal gift is the resurrection from the dead of every man, woman, and child who lives, has ever lived, or ever will live, on the earth. Thus, the Atonement is not only universal in the sense that it saves the entire human family from physical death, but it is also infinite in the sense that its impact and efficacy in making redemption possible for all reach back in one direction to the beginning of time and forward in the other direction throughout all eternity. In short, the Atonement has universal, infinite, and unconditional consequences for all mankind throughout the duration of all eternity.

Emphasizing these unconditional gifts arising out of Christ’s atoning sacrifice, Latter-day Saints believe that other aspects of Christ’s gift are conditional upon obedience and diligence in keeping God’s commandments. For example, while members of the human family are freely and universally given a reprieve from Adam’s sin through no effort or action of their own, they are not freely and universally given a reprieve of their own sins unless they pledge faith in Christ, repent of those sins, are baptized in his name, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirmation into Christ’s church, and press forward with a brightness of hope and faithful endurance for the remainder of life’s journey.

By living faithfully and keeping the commandments of God, one can receive additional privileges; but they are still given freely, not fully earned. They are always and ever a product of God’s grace. 

You can find the full article here: The Atonement of Jesus Christ by Jeffrey R. Holland

Strengthened By the Atonement of Jesus Christ
The talk that meant the most to me this week was suggested in the lesson by Dallin H. Oaks. Some of the quotes I highlighted that I appreciated are:

Think of it! In the Savior’s Atonement, He suffered “pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind.” As President Boyd K. Packer explained: “He had no debt to pay. He had committed no wrong. Nevertheless, an accumulation of all of the guilt, the grief and sorrow, the pain and humiliation, all of the mental, emotional, and physical torments known to man—He experienced them all."

He therefore knows our struggles, our heartaches, our temptations, and our suffering, for He willingly experienced them all as an essential part of His Atonement. And because of this, His Atonement empowers Him to succor us—to give us the strength to bear it all.

I am still speaking of mortal infirmities not caused by our sins. Some are born with physical or mental disabilities that cause personal suffering for them and struggles for those who love and care for them. For many, the infirmity of depression is painful or permanently disabling. Another painful affliction is the circumstance of singleness. Those who suffer this circumstance should remember that our Savior experienced this kind of pain also and that, through His Atonement, He offers the strength to bear it.  

You can read the full talk here: Strengthened By the Atonement of Jesus Christ by Dallin H. Oaks

The Example of the SaviorThis is a short but powerful message! There is a whole talk that goes with it that you can read here if interested: Agency, Our Essential Spiritual Gift by Robert D. Hales

Christ's Blood in GethsemaneI really appreciated how the restoration scriptures describing Christ's suffering in Gethsemane are brought together to explain why we, as Latter Day Saints, believe He suffered for our sins in the garden.