Amid the celebrations, relatively few were aware that Jesus Christ was about to deliver them from the slavery of sin and death

There Must Needs Be A Christ
I found and LOVED this devotional address by Kyle S. McKay given at BYU in March, 2021. Below is a quote from that address and you can find a link to the whole talk below:

The good news of the gospel is that our potential is higher, deeper, and fuller than simply living the life of a beer commercial. Our life is forever, and the Resurrection is real because there is a Christ.

If there be no Christ, then there is no healing from our sorrows, no relief from our pain, no hope for deliverance. You may reflexively be inclined to say what has been said by so many for so many years: “Time heals all wounds.” No, it doesn’t! Time doesn’t heal anything. Jesus, with time and over time, heals all wounds. He ­graciously grants interim and ultimate victories over suffering and death, even to those who do not believe in a Resurrection or who fail to acknowledge His hand in their healing. Isaiah likened such people unto a staff that purports to “lift up itself, as if it were no wood.”

Remember this grand key: faith in Jesus Christ accelerates and magnifies all healing. He took upon Himself all our infirmities so that He can come to us “with healing in his wings.” If there be no Christ, there is no healing, no ­deliverance from suffering, no matter how much time may pass.

If there be no Christ, there can be no change; there can be no choice. Think about that. The revelations teach us that Lucifer sought—and still seeks—“to destroy the agency of man.” It is tremendous irony that Lucifer and those who sided with him got what they fought for. They lost their agency. They are eternally unable to choose happiness, liberty, and eternal life. Instead, they are forever miserable, forever captive, forever dead as to things pertaining to righteousness. If there be no Christ, that is our fate as well. Jacob taught, “Our spirits must [have] become subject to [the devil and] . . . like unto him,” forever unable to choose, forever unable to change. What a relief it is to know that there is a Christ and that through His Atonement our agency has been preserved, including our ability to choose to repent—to change permanently for the better in Him.

In a related matter, if there be no Christ, no wrong could ever be undone. The wrongs we have committed and the effects thereof would remain forever. The wrongs committed against us and the effects thereof would remain forever. The unfairness and injustice of this life would perpetuate forever unchecked, never undone.
There Must Needs Be a Christ by Kyle S. McKay

Videos from John Hilton III
On his new site Scripture Plus, John Hilton III had a series of videos that talk about each of the events surrounding the Savior's crucifixion and resurrection and they were all so good I wanted to share them! I am putting them below, in order of events to make it really easy to watch them and share with your family if you like.  I love hearing his brief take on each of the events and it gave me a lot to think about. I hope you enjoy them too! Each video is under 5 minutes, some as short as 2 minutes, so you can watch them all together if you like.

There is a printable available that I created to go with these videos to take notes as you watch if you'd like! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will have a link to download it in this week's email. If not, you can also find by joining the Resource Library.