Paul's tender counsel blesses all of us who struggle to feel God's love and for whom becoming a Saint may feel out of reach

Understanding and Feeling the Music of the Gospel

My favorite video this week is this one below put out by the Church. I wonder sometimes if I, myself, am going through the motions of the dance in some areas without hearing the music.

In The Strength of the Lord
I always love a short inspiring message taken from a longer talk or devotional, and this is a great one. If you'd like to read the full talk, you can find it here: In The Strength of the Lord by David A. Bednar

I also love this short video taken from a talk by Elder Holland. It's one of my favorites and I the message is so strong that it is worth watching over and over again

Putting on the Armour of Light
Of course I have to mention Paul's verse for which my business is named found in Romans 13: 12-14:

The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.
Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness. . . .
But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. 

This is a subject near and dear to my heart as I think about it every single day.  Having this scripture in the forefront of my mind each day has changed me immensely, as I make judgements about my day and my priorities.

There was a devotional address given by Dennis Largey that I think is so great on this topic. I want to share a few quotes and the link to the full devotional will be linked below if you're interested in reading it. He also issues a challenge that I think is worth considering this week as you study.

Maintaining light is like staying spiritually in shape so that when the test comes we can meet it. A person who slowly drifts over time into poor physical shape does not fully appreciate that fact until a test arises that requires great physical exertion. The test or trial clearly exposes the lack of capacity. A colleague of mine observed that it is the storm that reveals the importance of having your house built on rock and not on sand.
When we lose light, Satan has effectively neutralized us. He has taken us out of the battle—or we have allowed ourselves to be taken out of the battle. The armies of the Lord cannot be defeated, but they can defeat themselves.  
Living in an environment of light will have many advantages for you at this time in your life. You are searching for important answers to critical questions. It is always easier to find what we are looking for when the light is on. Doctrinally it is as simple as this: The closer we are to the light, the more we can see. The farther we step away from the light, the less we can see. And we need to be able to see clearly.
************************* The Challenge
  • Sometime today take a piece of paper and divide it into two halves. 
  • On the right side list things that could intensify light in your life: temple attendance, attendance at all Sunday meetings, scriptures, prayers, repentance, service, and so forth.
  • On the left side list things that you think, desire, do, say, view, or even places you go, that diminish light from your life. 
  • Then ask yourself in all honesty, “How can I improve in those things that intensify light, and what can I simply let go of that takes light away?”  and “What accursed things do I do, say, think, or hold onto that drain my power?”

This list can be compared to a dimmer switch that controls the intensity of light within our homes. Turn the dial to the right and light increases. Turn the dial to the left and the light dims. The decision as to which way we turn the dial is up to us.
Remember that this is not a balance sheet where the seven good things on the right side cancel out the five bad things on the left side, leaving us with two positives. If that was possible, I might reason, I can continue with the five things that take away light because I can easily counterbalance them and still come out on top. Somehow, feeling safe because of a balancing of the two is spiritually dangerous. The bad things we choose weaken the system so that sometimes we are unable to fully compensate by choosing good. In fact, the consequence of choosing bad, over time, is that the good doesn’t seem so good anymore. As more and more bad things are chosen, they become more and more desirable and seem less and less wrong. Another consequence of choices that rob us of light is that we don’t discern the good as clearly, and that leads to the possibility of delving deeper and deeper into the bad. When you are in the darkness, your eyes adjust, and it soon doesn’t look dark anymore. So, too, can we adjust to dark deeds and actually acquire a taste for the bad.

You can read the full devotional here: The Armour of Light by Dennis Largey

Concepts and other Important Messages
Below are some videos that go well with some of the other important things taught in this lesson.