We must be willing to accept continuing revelation and live "by every word of God"

Elder Bednar's Explanation of Continuing Revelation
I love when Elder Bednar shares a video as he discusses a topic, I think his ability to explain things is unsurpassed. You can see his tweet about continuing revelation here: 

Elder Bednar's Tweet

True Christianity
This was by far my favorite video that I watched this week! 

"It's not the quantity of the miles that matter, it's the quality"

Peter's Revelation
This is the official Church video depicting the story of Peter's revelation to take the gospel to the gentiles. I love that there are videos depicting these events.

Peter's Visit to Cornelius
There is an important lesson in Peter's vision about how important it is to move forward and take action when I am asked and how things that may not make sense in the moment will all come together later.

The Collaboration of the Prophets and Apostles
It's good to know that when important decisions need to be made about the direction of the Church, all of the apostles and first presidency meet together and must come to a unanimous decision about how to move forward.