Unexpected answers from the Lord can invite us to change the way we think, feel and act.

Choosing the "Good Part"
I loved this article by Brent L. Top. I often feel like Martha, worrying about everything. I want to share some of my favorite quotes from the article, but you can also find the whole article linked below:

What is it that Jesus wants us to learn from this experience? What application can we draw from Jesus’ words that will have meaning to us amidst the stresses and struggles of modern society? Important concepts emerge as we examine more closely some of the words and expressions in Jesus’ tender teaching of His friend, Martha.
Let’s look at Luke’s statement, “Martha was cumbered.” One translation of the word cumbered is “perplexed” or “frustrated." What was the source of her frustration? At first glance, she was perplexed and annoyed by Mary’s unwillingness to help, but there seems to be something else that is bothering her. Martha was frustrated—or, as one translation says, “harassed”—by all the different cares and demands placed on her, pulling her in different directions at the same time. It was not a choice between good and bad or between sin and righteousness but rather the difficulty of having to decide between too many good things, good choices. Elder Neal A. Maxwell said:
So often our hardest choices are between competing and desirable alternatives (each with righteous consequences), when there is not time to do both at once. Indeed, it is at the mortal intersections—where time and talent and opportunities meet—that priorities, like traffic lights, are sorely needed. Quiet, sustained goodness is the order of heaven, not conspicuous but episodic busyness.
and this one...
...the “one thing” that is “needful,” “that good part,” is Christ Himself—His atoning sacrifice, His teachings, His plan of salvation, and His charity—His pure and perfect love for us. This is not just “the good part” but is indeed “the best part”—the only part that can never, ever, ever be taken away. No matter what else we do in life, what we choose, what we enjoy, or what we become, it will have been in vain if we don’t fully choose the “good part,” even this “best part,” and take a heaping portion of it into our lives. Christ is the “Bread of Life” and the “Living Waters” that can nourish our souls and satisfy our spiritual hunger. Nothing else has that kind of power.
You can find the whole article here: Choosing the "Good Part" by Brent L. Top

Jesus, Mary and Martha

A Good SamaritanI love this modern take on the story of the Good Samaritan! I wonder how often I might judge someone I see in trouble and then go on my way without helping:

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